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keep current insurance, even if not comply with minimum standards under obama care and democrat what about her bill? >> i think that's important, too. i filed a bill today with senator johnson that says pretty much the same thing. if you have existing coverage and you are happy with it, you you are going to get to keep it that's that was a fundamental promise made to get this law passed now that's being broken. now we are seeing unintended consequence, it was intended consequence, this was done on purpose because they want to undermine and gut the individual marketplace. >> president obama said today though is that the -- the insurance policies that are going away the people are losing are the ones under insured. sometimes like junk insurance policies that no one is going to lose a good policy. do you disagree with that? >> well, first of all, i think people should be able to choose whatever policy makes sense for them. again, you passed the law that we are talking about which says that no one who has existing coverage they are happy with will lose it. if you pass that bill, and it d
and washington democrats had listened back then. i really do. i wish we'd been wrong about obama care too, but because of the failings of this law are about so much more than a website, it really about real people. p. >> he tried to make the law fail, now he wishes they were wrong about it. doesn't seem like they're wrong in kentucky, congressman. >> no. mitch is in a very difficult spot in kentucky. again, incredible response to the program. our exchanges work very well. the governor's embraced it. and we're having just a remarkable response. and people are now waking up to the fact that for the last three and a half years mitch mcconnell's been lying to them about the affordable care act and what it means for them. so he's going to pay for this next election day, but his crocodile tears aren't going to impress everybody. everybody knows the republicans never wanted to be part of this, never wanted to own any part of it, never wanted to provide health care for the american citizens. they were in control of congress for a long time. and all of these problems existed, higher premiums, all
as not only the obama administration and democratic make app coflect tick but healthcare insurance companies are scared there will be some form of delay on the individual mandate because of the result, will be that tear up their business model, as you know, and tear up profits, we're looking at prospect here, if there is a careful reasoning and careful understanding among everyone about a direction to head toward, that we're talking about a second of the economy that is now vulnerable, because the web site did not work, and obamacare is built on what is a very, very faulty assumption, and presumption because of mandate, that young people will sign up for health care they don't need. these risks are very high. where are the republicans headed now, and what is the course you all will follow? >> we are going to continue to get to the bottom of this you point odd one major issue, the cyber security issue, as you heard, that you know we're concerned about that you know, therure americans who are managing to get on to web site at this point, at some time, they are vulnerable it cyber security issu
president obama have teflon base. >> the democrats are terrified, horrified is the better word for what they see hang i happening e republican party. ronald reagan took office after four failed presidents in a row. johnson and nixon and ford and carter were all failures. people wanted him to succeed. >> president obama's white house jim, has had it's problems. based on the comments the president didn't know it happened until they made news. the nsa spying on foreign leaders and the healthcare dot .gov and the irs and the gun running story and the administration has a lot to answer for. but it seems that none of these issues touch the president that directly. >> can i just wait until mid november to answer your questions, okay without what is playing out on capitol hill an may play out tomorrow morning when the classic washington search to burn a witch and the political gains manship. >> i think it's an interesting matter which points to what is a curious management style. and it's why, you know, a huge difference with reagan. this is a guy who i think had heart academic community organi
or obama act. the democrats almost to a person supported it. the republicans almost to a person opposed it. tough questions for kathleen sebelius. they made important news in the course of these 31/2 hours. she made it clear, yes, there may be some security problems. mike rogers the chairman of the house intelligence committee who is a member of this committee, as well raised all sorts of issues. joe johns is here. we're going to talk about that in a moment. she repeatedly insisted the system has not yet formally crashed even though the system is down right now, it's been down now for many hours, here are some of the highlights what we heard over the past three and a half hours. >> i am as frustrated and angry as anyone with the flawed launch of so let me say directly to these americans, you deserve better. i apologize. >> all right. so that's just for starters. it's been going on as i said for three and a half hours. an extraordinary amount of testimony. she answered all of the questions. she was pretty blunt. she was pretty direct. a lot of it got very, very testy. kathle
for awhile. in 2014 senators up for re-election include democrats who came to power when barack obama was elected president back in 2008. democrats are defending 21 seats versus 14 seats for republicans. but in 2016, it's republican senators who will be playing defense. they'll be defending the seat gain they won in 2010. seven from states obama won. look at all the red on that map. tackling the fact it's a presidential election year turnout will be higher than it normally is. we'll be right back. >>> welcome back to "hardball." the republican's party internal war continues to rage. the newest editors at the conservative national review called out bomb throwers on the right like ted cruz. they called them apocalyptic conservatives. that their strategy of shutting down the government had more poisonous divisions in the party. quote, conservative groups that have internalized the apocalyptic view of politics believe the most effective model for gaining ground is simply pressuring republicans to be more confrontational. the first step of the defunding strategy was not to persuade most re
. this sunday president obama will campaign democrat terry mcauliffe at washington lee high school in arlington. public tickets to that event will be available starting at noon today on a first come first serve basis. to get one, you'll have to go to one of these democratic offices, arlington, alexandria, springfield or fairfax city. organizers know while tickets are required, they do not guarantee admission. >>> one of the republican candidates seeking statewide office in virginia will visit our studios later today. e. wrchlts jackson is run -- e.w. jackson is running for lieutenant governor with ken cuccinelli. jackson will be here this afternoon for an interview on wusa9 news at 5:00. we expect him to have -- we expect to have him on in the first 30 minutes of the broadcast so be sure to tune n. his on point democrat ralph northam was on the program last week. >>> good morning. it's 5:35. if you're just waking up, time for another your money report. >> jessica is back with more on a big decision due out later. good morning, jess. >>> good morning you to, andrea, mike. federal reserve has a b
the affordable care act was, quote, but for us democrats, obama care is a badge of honor because no matter who you are, what stage of life you're in, this law is a good thing. first, if you already have insurance you like, you can keep it. and i end the quote. i'd call this a red herring that misled voters, intentional or not. now, perhaps had you known that millions would lose their coverage, families would face financial disaster as one constituent recently told me or that the exchange rollout would be plagued by the multitude, multiple delays we have seen, you would not consider it such a badge of honor. the fact is, your words and those of the president, as he campaigned last year that if you already have insurance you like, you can keep it, seem to be directly refute ed by the millis of cancellation notices already sent to americans just in the past few weeks. whether your statement was inaccurate or as mr. hoyer said yesterday not precise enough, it does strike me that millions of individuals who by listening to speeches like yours voted, believing one thing, now found themselves without
. democrats say republicans were using the hearing simply as a pretext to bash obama care and that they're not interested in fixing it. republicans took aim at the health and human services secretary kathleen sa beious. >> my insurance policy has been canceled. the white house website says if you like your health plan you have, you can keep it. dy hear it wrong? >> again, sir, i don't know how long you've had your policy. >> why aren't you losing your health insurance. >> because i'm part of the federal employees. >> you're in charge of this law, correct? why aren't you in the exchange? >> because i'm part of the federal health employees plan. >> why won't you go into the exchange? you're literally in charge of this law. should you be any different than all the other americans out there losing their health insurance? >> i think it's somewhat disingenuous for my colleagues on the other side of the podium here to have this faux anger over this bill they have rooted for its failure and voted over 40 some times to repeal this bill, never put thing an alternative plan on the ploor f -- floor
, controversies show how obama's inattention to detail may hurt his presidential legacy. we want to get your thoughts on this. republicans, (202) 585-3881. democrats, (202) 585-3880. independents, (202) 585-3882. tweet, @cspanwj. you can also post your comments on facebook or e-mail us. on both fronts on the nsa and the health care law, president obama's! down to this -- i did not know. no president can be aware of everything going on in a sprawling government that he theoretically manage. -- theoretically manages. this constant questions about how much in charge he really is. days, the president's health and human services secretary said that the -- that despite internal concerns in a mr. obama wasn, not told about serious problems with the new row graham's website until it was rolled out this month. said theicials president was not aware that the national security agency was tapping the phone of agngela merkel. opposition lawmakers and pundits have seized on the white house explanations to accuse mr. obama of being a bystander president. some democrats are scratching their heads at the se
with the website and you detest what's working. >> indeed, democrats are eager to put the spotlight on the gop. in just a few hours, president obama is expected to share the limelight with the most recent republican nominee for president, mitt romney. needless to say, reminding the country of his significant contribution to the development of obama care is not something governor romney is exactly excited about. in a statement released just hours ago, romney went to great and some would say almost painful lengths to distance himself from the thing his own party hates most in the world. in the years since the massachusetts health care law went into effect, nothing has changed my view that a plan crafted to fit the unique circumstances of a single state should not be grafted on to the entire country. health reform is best crafted by states with bipartisan support and input from its employers, as we did, without raising taxes and by carefully phasing it in to avoid the type of disruptions we are seeing nationally. joining me today, democratic strategist and principal at the raven group, jamal simm
of obama care are stripped away? >> well, that's the big question. if obama care succeeds they'll regret the effort to be campaigning against it. just as they -- republicans back long ago regretted the effort to try to repeal social security. but they are gambling that democrats only healthcare now, just not obama care but if anything goes wrong anywhere, if you don't like your doctor or hospital, they are going to blame obama and obama care. if -- health care costs continue to go up as they very likely will if people continue to lose their insurance, as they always have, people will figure they will blame obama care. they are making a long-term gamble that the program won't work and trying to ensure that. >> this period, if you think about it, should be a blissful moment for the president who has been fighting for health care reform for five years now. that day has come, it's here, you have the exchanges open in 50 states. you are more and more governors seem like they are embracing the health care expansion for the poor. this has been one of the toughest weeks since the bill was signed
to dictate it, chris. and i think it's up to people within the republican party as well as democrats, as well as president obama to counter that notion. that the whole point of this country is, is its welcoming nature. controversial, yes, with conflict, yes. every group that's here wishes that the one after them wouldn't follow, but that's been going on for hundreds of years. and people have to stand up and say no, you do not, you, to the tea party, just because you're waving the don't tread on me flag, just because you're acclaiming a sort of exclusive control over an understanding of the roots of the country, that's not the case. that's not the case. this is a very -- >> i like the flag because it refers to other countries triding on us. it's a total misuse of the flag. >> it's up to others in the political arena to challenge them on that and to counter that very arrogance that you're talking about. >> you know, the history of america is about fighting over the definition of america. you can go back to 1800 when jefferson and adams were at each other's throats fighting over what type of cou
as free review of obama care. >> getting an assessment of obama law. >> reporter: or a witchcraft stake out. >> democrats want to make it work, republicans don't. >> reporter: house lawmakers, probed, praised or picked it apart. >> we're only four weeks into this one and already declaring it dead. >> now we're told everything will be okay very soon. why should the american people believe you now. >> reporter: the woman in charge of the problem plagued obama care website in her testimony a major maricopa to the public. >> i want to apologize to you that the website has not worked as well as it should. >> new questions over promises made by obama. >> if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. >> reporter: if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. >> reporter: that's not exactly the case for millions of americans in the individual insurance market. an insurance industry source says the majority of americans with individual plans will find their policies changed or everyone cancelled under obama care rules. the white house says those who's pl
statements thaw made about the affordable care act was, quote, but for us democrats, obama care is a badge of honor. because no matter who you are, what stage of life you're in, this law is a good thing. first, if you already have insurance you like, you can keep it. and i end the quote. i'd call it a red herring that misled voters, intentional or not. perhaps had you known that millions would lose their coverage, families would face financial disaster as one constituent recently told me or that the exchange rollout would be played by the multiple delays we have seen, you would not consider it such a badge of honor. fact if your words as those of the president if you already have insurance you like, you can keep it, seem to be directly refuted by the millions of cancelation notices sent to americans just in the past few weeks. whether your statement was inaccurate or not precise enough, it does strike me that millions of individuals who by listening to speeches like yours voted believe one thing now found themselves without coverage and now scrambling to find coverage in a marketplace that
responsible for carter on a serving one term. you know, i think we are headed in that direction. mr. obama's seems to want to make the democrats volker approved by nominating someone who is inclined to print a lot of cash. melissa: i would say at the same time keynesian is would listen to this conversation that having an laugh and say, there is no evidence of inflation. it is not coming. you're trying to scare people. is there any way in that argument? >> i do not believe that there is. right now the economy has a lot of excess capacity. if the economy gets going all this money floating around will start to push up prices. people will be more confident, spend more of their stock-market gains, then watch out. at that point once you let the horse out of the barn you find out that he is a thoroughbred stallion and you cannot catch him. melissa: peter just said that we are okay as long as the economy does not recover. that makes me feel better. >> also, the reason to worry, this is where people worry about bernanke. bernanke i think things what he thinks milton friedman would do, a crisis, bad
't stop with her, the buck stops with president obama and ultimately liberalism which creates this destructive law. it's not about firing sebelius, it's about firing the left. at one point this democratic congressman from pennsylvania said that being against obama care at the start disqualifies you from criticizing this disastrous rollout. on the contrary, it just proves that everybody who was critical was right. >> everybody on the left pack your bags. >> they're the only people creating laws that don't work. >> we've got to leave it there. >>> has he been lying about his signature law from the get-go? a prominent paper gave him four pinnochios. what else has the president misled the public about? we've got a list. we want to know about your experience about logging on to so go there and then log on to our facebook page and tell us about your experience. we'll read some of those comments later in the show. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know that when a tree falls in the forest
i'm number one. it's a good read and you should check it out. directly ahead, democrat james carville on whether the president lied about obama care. later, david goldberg on how president obama is handling the debacle. be a victim of fraud. fraud could mean lower credit scores and higher interest rates when you apply for a credit card. it's a problem waiting to happen. check your credit score, check your credit report at small business owners are using tools like email and social media marketing from constant contact to grow their business. they're getting customers coming back. fans following their business online. and new customers through the door. see how constant contact's products and people can help you grow your business. start your free trial at >>> continuing with impact segment. obama care under fire. 44% of doctors in the empire state will not participate in obama care. another 33% say they may not. only 23% say they will. that will be a disaster if the numbers hold because new yorkers will have wait months in many cases to simp
and democratic allies sought to blame all cancellations of policies on insurance policies, not the requirements of obama care. >> insurance companies are cancelling lousy policies with high prices because they can't compete. >> does the aca require insurance companies to discontinue the plans that people had when the law was passed? yes or no? >> not when the law was passed if the plans have not changed. >> sebelius argued that existing plans were grandfathered back in 2010 so people could keep them. but one lawmaker read administration regulations from july of 2010 that anticipated massive cancellations because of obama care. >> the department expects that a large population of individual policies will not be grandfathered, covering up to and perhaps exceeding 10 million people. >> so the very regulations sebelius argues were designed to protect existing plans predicted three years ago that the very same policies would force the cancellation of 10 million plans. and one analyst says most existing plans do not qualify for grandfathering. >> there are some very small changes that insurers could
, representatives jan schakowsky and tim murphy. we've been debating obama care. in my view, both sides need to be very careful right now. democrats were passionate about defending the losers, the people getting denied, duped and dumped by the big insurance companies. that passion is what ultimately won the today, but today you've got a lot of democrats tonely tone-deaf from hearing complains from people who feel like they're the losers in the new system. that is not smart. we've got to show more compassion for people who will have to buy different plans. their fear and their pain is real. at the same time, the gop was totally indifferent to the pain of all the people who were losers in the old system. now they seem totally indifferent. that's not smart, either, for them. the democrats show a lot more concern for people, even if their numbers are few, who fear they might be losing ground. the gop should be willing and courageous enough to celebrate for the millions who are clear winners under obama care. so, to you, i think you are missing a huge opportunity here to actually celebrate with w
the insurance companies out of it. and i think, i think, mr. obama, i really hope you reconsider this because in the election if this thing goes the way it's going, we're going to hurt the democrats a lot. let's get on single pair and let people understand what it's about and stop arguing with the insurance companies. go ahead. >> really? >> yeah. >> well, if that's the plan, if you think that works great, any other industries you want to wipe out arbitrarily because you think the government can do a better job? when they've never been able to do a single industry right. >> how about medicare? >> medicare is good. $200 billion in waste and fraud a year is good. more of that? i can't. >> i think that obama care is what run into a real difficulty with medicare when the cuts to doctors go through and gets back to eric's point of who is going to be willing to be a medicare doctor anymore. i think that there's only one thing worse than the insurance companies being in charge. and that's the government being in charge. >> uh-huh. >> yeah. i mean, you are critical of obama care because it didn't go
the details but says it is not responsible, the u.s. is >> the obama administration has never commend on the strike that targeted the rehmans. and the cia never publicly acknowledged the drone program, that's something the democratic members of congress want changed. >> we neat greater transparency and disclosure. we haven't had a full and open debate in the united states congress. >> conagreesman alan greyson, who respond sored the congressional briefing said there were moral questions as to whether a president should have the power to target someone by a u.s. drone. >> i'm uncomfortable with the idea that the president makes the decisions unilaterally. >> of 535 members of the u.s. congre congress, only 35 showed up to the hearing. it's the first time there has been testimony before the congress. it's hoped it will lead to a process that could lead to changes in u.s. drone policy. >> rafiq ur rehman is optimistic. >> translation: with the grace of god i hope it does. if they have good intention, i put trust in them that the drones will come to an end. >> as a school teacher and fat
's one-time colleagues, former president clinton, president obama, and speaker john boehner remembered the washington state democrat as a statesman with a sense of humor, and someone who frequently crossed party lines. here's the president. >> a leader grounded in decency, in principle, he brought honor to himself, to his family, and to this house. and he did all these things a public servant should do and, frankly, did many of them better than the rest. but it was his sense of fairness his port in a storm bearing that will always stand out for me. it's how he held this institution together at a very difficult time. >> when he assumed his speakership he brought to it a scholar's depth of understanding and a disciple's passion. he led the house with fairness and comedy, a style of leadership we haven't seen and we recently have looked for it but we have not seen what tom was able to do with both sides. >> tom and i weren't on the same side on most issues. his faith in government was shall i say a little more robust than mine. but we shared a deep respect for the institution and a belief
was responsible. called her to blame. democrats will see that as a loyalty card. the administration will probably value that and she took all of the sar roarrows in this hearin that said, she is probably now the face of obama care and if there is a time when this administration said something big is about to happen, they may point to her to see her go. she did say that the president was in charge of all government programs and she shifted a tiny bit of the blame to him. she is going to be giving the speech to obama care. that is where they actually have this universal health care and mitt romney was the run who in stated that. he put on his facebook page that he really really disagreed with this. >> the white house is looking to tell a gidifferent story than t hearing on capitol hill. that does that and draws a lot of attention. the president will say we expect that romneycare in massachusetts had a tough roll out at the beginning and he will probably try to make a change to it at the beginning here. one is a state operation that had a lot of federal money behind it here. the other is a nationwid
care overhaul bill into law at the time joined by the democratic senator ted kennedy. romney care meets obama care. and where there was a time that they were trying to get us not to conflate the two, now the president would like to remind you what's happening in massachusetts according to polling in massachusetts, is working ins massachusetts, and the president says slow starts are normal things. the fact is, what is not normal is a website that doesn't work. we went to the website just a few minutes ago, signed up from some states. if your state is one that has its own health care system, like new york has its own site and management thereof it's possible it works. if you're one of the states you have to go through the federal system it's not working. deval patrick introducing him, he's talking about the massachusetts health care law and let's listen to deval patrick for just a second and then the president is coming on, explanations today, we'll see. >> our version of the marketplace. this policy matters. thank you. david works as a waiter, where are you, david? there you are. >> they
are watching the democrats and seeing how they move. they will exact the change if there is any to comprehend. see you soon from washington ally. >>> right now house republicans are getting a briefing on the obama care roll out. they are meeting with mike hash, and we are monitoring the meeting and bring you updates as we learn more on what is coming out. >>> members of congress can desigate members of congress as nonofficial. they have until tomorrow to make a financial decision. all but one of the top ranking senate republican leaders plan to place all of their staffers on the obama care exchanges. by law they can accept subsidies to help them pay for the plan. we want to know how well did kathleen sebelius do today? did she worry your questions. send me the tweet at bill hemmer. and me at alisyn camerota and i will take note and respond. >>> important news. new questions about nsa spoiing and how much the president knew about it. we'll debate about it. was the commander in chief kept in the dark again. >>> plus you heard from republican congressman lee terry and we'll hear from a democrat
has been waged for decade. a democratic congressman leaped out of his chair claiming when it came to obama care the gop didn't exactly return the favor. >> how many of you stood up to do that, none. zero. >> it's a false choice to say it's obama care or nothing. >> are you really serious? you had a legitimate alternative? we got you 44 votes. >> this hearing was only a warmup for the main event on wednesday when health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius appears before another committee and she'll surely get questions from other contractors. on the warnings of cgi, the company points out that it didn't raise any alarm bells in mid-september. cnn also received a statement saying this is a point in time when we worked to address those issues. joe johns, cnn, washington. >>> the irs may have a tough time forcing to you pay the obama care penalty if you're uninsured next year. the agency could deduct penalties from a tax refund, but if you aren't owed anything, the irs' options are very limited. why? congress banned the irs from using its usual techniques to force people to
d, fraught with problems. democrats said work with him. >> what they should and should not have is toxic. >> it's going to backfire. >> politically. >> 2007 president obama said it is a single payer system in 10 years. this is just the beginning of the chaos. >> our friends on the left like to talk about a womans respect to the right to choogs. >> you say i'm going to have better health care, it's what i get from my doctor, health insurance is a piece of paper. i should be free to choose what is in that. >> you're putting a new one on the economy. we're broke as it s i don't know how any of this is going to fly. >> how many people you mentioned are going to lose jobs out of this? >> debbie waserman shultz say they're going to win elections on oak yauma care. baghdad bombs had a better grip on reality. >> i want to say politicians up for reelection next year and bush republicans and senate democrats are going to be on the run. >> give it to the guy next to you. >> president obama's smart and efficient government promise failed also but this is showing big government policies do n
, they can keep it. it." that was in a letter to senate democrat leaders. on june 11, 2009, president obama said, "americans must have the freedom to keep whatever doctor and health care plan they have." on june 15, 2009, this is probably the most famous one that i remember, president obama in an address to the american medical association said, "if you like your doctor, you'll be able to keep your doctor, peri period." "if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan, period. no one will take it away no matter what." now, mr. president, i think i've made my point. i've got another one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13 other quotes that i could continue to read, basically make the same point, the same promise, the same guarantee. as recently as the beginning of this month, on the white house web site, it says, "we've got some good news for you. if you currently have private health insurance, you should be able to deep and that's exactly what the health care law says." now, unfortunately, today over 2 million americans have recei
and confirmed the details but says it is not responsible, the u.s. is >> reporter: the obama administration never commented on the strike that started the rems. the cia never publicly acknowledged the program. something that these democratic members of congress want changed. >> we want greater transparency and disclosure about the use of drones. we haven't had a full debate. >> alan greyson, who respond sored the congressional briefing said there are moral questions about whether a president should have the power to decide who is targeted by u.s. drones. >> i'm personally uncomfortable with the idea that the president makes the decisions unilaterally. >> of 535 members of the u.s. congre congress, five representatives showed up. this is the first time that drone survivors testified before u.s. congress and they hope it will lead it a wider cop gregsal hearing, a first step in a process that can lead to changes in u.s.-drone policy. >> rafiq ur rehman is optimistic. >> translation: with the grace of god i hope it does. if they have good intention, i put trust in them that the drones will co
new york, i'm chris hayes and today we watched as the federal official who oversees the obama care exchanges appeared before a house committee to testify about the flawed rollout of health and we also watched as democrats on that committee reached their limit of just how much phony republican concern they can stomach. >> there had been a little bit and systematic attempt on the part of the majority in the house and the mine north in the senate to take it impossible for all americans to receive quality health care, and some of us will not stand for it. we will stand up for what is right, for what is fair and what is just. health care is a right and not a privilege. >> democrats today didn't hide their frustration with republicans suggest concern with fixing american's broken health care system. >> are you serious? what you just said? are you really serious? after what we have gone through? you can sit there and say that you had a legitimate alternative after these years? we have gone through 44 votes, 48 votes now of you trying to dismantle the election? >> there is no way
, said sebelius and the democrats here at the hearing on capitol hill today. anybody who is dropped can get obama care. >> so this notion that people are being turned away is preposterous. >> they'll be able to get another plan, won't they? >> actually, it's the law that they must get another plan. >> sebelius is here today, larry and president obama in boston charged that insurance companies are dropping people from their rolls because insuring them under the scriptures of obama care, providing more coverage would cut into insurance company profits. larry, back to you. >> steve handelsman, thanks very much for that coverage. joining me now to react to everything we just heard health policy expert betsy mccoy. she's the author of the book "beating obama care" and we welcome back dr. bill grace, founder of gray's oncology at new york medical college. betsy mccoy, is it true? if your policy is canceled, are you going to stay on another policy or is it more complicated than that? >> you're required to have coverage under this law, the affordable care act, but what's happened is millions of
top. democratic senator feinstein is watching a congressional review of the nation intelligence gathering. significant move from the intelligence community chair stood with president obama ncaa and officials told congress today they spy on each other but these weeks have done damage. >> record high on wall street. dow rose 111 points to cholesterol at 15 6 80. that is 4 points above the highest set on september 18. i hope vens investigators breathe fed will keep up with bond buying program. >> human error to blame for today outage that lasted 24 minutes. someone made a mistake and set the were being date into the system. in august the technical issue stopped trading for more than 3 hours. apple face back were among those affected back then. >> authorities struggle to smren how small plane crashed and erupted in fire went unnoticed for hours. happened this morning in nashville but exactly what time its kind of a mystery. ntsb says the single engine cessna apparently crashed some time after 3:00 a.m. but it wasn't noticed until well after sunrise when pilot taxi for take o
president obama, but i also hope that my friends probably every one of the democrats in this body and probably all of the republicans in this body that have referred to anything that happened in the bush administration or used the shorthand rendition of under bush without saying president who wantt those people president obama to vice president president before obama said, that they will go ahead and apologize for ever referring to bush without president in front of that. but the reason that doesn't necessarily need to happen is -- i know most people didn't mean ny iltl ill-will by that and those who hung president bush in effa guy and said nasty things about president bush, never crossed my mind that they might they ist, but i thought just disliked the man. if you say something about the president, then you must be a raceist. and i just look so forward to the day when the dream of martin luther king, one of them, will be realized that people be judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin. i testified today before the senate subcommittee of the jud
sounded a lot better when democrats were doing it in 2009. we're going to blow up the system, push people into the new obama care experience. i bet they didn't imagine that kathleen sebelius would be talking about what she will be talking about tomorrow. >> the answer is they will get on the exchange, better coverage, she told me people paying on their own, doing the hard work, paying on their own, get those policies cancelled they get a bunch of benefits didn't want and in many cases didn't need. now the federal taxpayers need to subsidize their plan that they were paying on their own happily before. quick last word. >> that is the reality. and guess what? kathleen sebelius tomorrow is going to do everything she can not to answer that question. >> we'll have full coverage of her testimony this time tomorrow. we hope you will join us. chris, thank you. >> you bet. >> so are insurance companies the individuvillain? should they have foreseen this, that is next, plus, what did the president know regarding the promise that he made to americans over and over again, was not true. former white h
it right. she is going to face mostly from republicans but watch the tone of the democrats. that will be important today, questions about her credibility and confidence and in those questions then, a gateway into questions about this will come from republicans about whether obama care is doomed to fail. whether it is too big, too complicated. too much regulations, too much government imposed on people's lives. there's a ton of politics in this but there also will be serious policy questions including the last part she just elude e e ed -- alluded to. the president said if you like your health plan, you'll get to keep it. for many americans, we're learning more and more, that's not true. the website was the first open for republicans. this is a factor, that people who like their plan won't get to keep it. watch for questioning on that front, not only on her credibility but the president's credibility, once he misled people. >> this controversy, do you think that threatens to be the longer lasting impact and the lingering problem for the administration? and specifically the p
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